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Get 100 beta testers for Mesh on PH

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@singhanurag Happy to help if I'm a target user!
@lachlankirkwood awesome, thanks. would be great to have you on board.. jsut visit the upcoming page and hit subscribe. I'll add you on. thank you so much.
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@singhanurag Looks great, just subscribed 👍
@lachlankirkwood you've got access.. you can visit here to install - do let me know in case of any feedback / bugs. Thank you so much.
Just crossed 40, looking forward to a few folks so we can figure how the app works globally!
On to 50, but we need more and from as wide a global footprint as possible. Pls sign up here
@a1iusman you've got access. You can download the app from here - thank you so much for the help. do let me know any feedback or bugs faced 👍🏼
@singhanurag Hey, May i ask the why the phone number please :) small leaks and I get tons of spam calls hahaahha
@a1iusman two reasons - 1) we want to focus on real users, a phone number is much harder to replicate than email; 2) we felt it was much more convenient - but I guess we could add login via google etc. (will do that soonest we have bandwidth)
@singhanurag It is your business decision at the end although I would suggest having to chose between Email and Phone :)
@a1iusman yup - tricky choice :) - as a business we have promised to collect least data possible.. e.g. we dont check location or even access contacts.. but other than above two reasons we felt phone number was something that would cut across for an easier sign up (especially in emerging markets).
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