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@joshhardman Hey thanks for the feedback :) But I have to admit that is my homepage and not the yDash page. This project is in a really really early stage and I even have not yet created a landing page
@simolation what's the project/product's purpose?
@joshhardman It is meant to be a dashboard where you can add many different sources like google analytics, Twitter followers etc and see all your relevant details in on place. I do even plan on making it available for screens that you can hang up in your office to always have your numbers and details in plain sight.
@simolation Nice! Sounds great, kind of like Power Bi.
@joshhardman I haven't heard of Power Bi yet, but my approach is meant to be a lot simpler and easier to keep track of your numbers. It is meant for freelancers and small companies. I came to this idea, because I daily checked my app downloads of the last day, checked my page views and so on, and with that everything is directly in one page. So then I don't have to open multiple tools and dashboards that are stuffed with details I didn't want to see at this moment