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Get 100 daily users on my desktop app (BackWatcher)

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@austinmeta Thanks! About BackWatcher, I am concerned about my retention. I think that except the people who are deeply concerned about their posture and suffer a lot from it, the others will be lazy to use it daily because it needs a calibration at each launch and people sometimes don't want to keep good posture because of their laziness. From your own experience of one week with BackWatcher do you confirm this hypothesis? About Meta Nutrition, it looks that some forms (sign-up and feedbacks) don't work perfectly, when I click on submit nothing happens. Implementing signing in with Google / Facebook is perfect it will save the time of the users. Hope you will quickly find the last subscriber!
@austinmeta @shaker_curious My apologies, I missed this notification... (classic PH). I think I've used the backwatcher application 3-4 times since I first downloaded it. I like that it opens up right on PC boot that makes me want to use it. The real reason, and pretty much the only reason, I didn't use it every day, was because I don't always have my camera plugged in. When people have a laptop that most likely wont be the issue but that was my problem. I ran into this "bug"? where the app stays massive and It won't let me shrink it down in size. Thank you for testing out Meta :) we have been working on fixing responsiveness throughout the app and trying to ensure everything works as intended, which it should now. We are in the process of implementing google/facebook signup/signin and that should be available sooner rather than later! Hope getting users is working out well for you..
@austinmeta Thank you a lot. The window was not a bug but I consider to enable a small resize. I have changed the landing page , you can check it, hope it is better. I consider like you to implement the google sign-up in order to know all the users. This could help me discuss with the users and get more information to improve the app and know what are the real motivations of the users and why do they stop to use it. Hope you will build a better landing page than me