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become advanced with css and front end development

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@scheuercharles Curious Whats you plan to achieve it?
@sivaram636 @sudarsangp I've been at it for a year now. So far I have learned basics of Html, CSS / Sass, JavaScript and react. I am at a point where I am almost ready to just build a ton of stuff, but I want to get a little bit better at JavaScript first. I'm probably going to write a medium post about a roadmap I'd recommend if you're interested.
@sudarsangp @scheuercharles Yeah keep me posted :)
@scheuercharles Good luck with this goal, are you building something specific to help you reach this level?
@abadesi Not yet, trying to really excel at the fundamentals first. The past two months I've been stepping up my CSS animation and building small things. After I finish practicing sass, I'm planning to do a little more JavaScript and then build a few C.R.U.D. apps. Here's a few of the ideas I have: - a web app for this brand I made up: - a clone of - product hunt, but people vote on direct to consumer brands' logos and some of the people that voted on the top voted one of the month get t shirts with the logo printed on them (this will be a pretty complex project)