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@satwaya on my to-read list too! Your thoughts on it?
@satwaya @danilo_kreimer it depends how well you know the indie maker field and if you know a bit about launching a product (the realistic way I mean). I haven’t learnt that much but it’s cool to have his PoV and his experience. If you know nothing and just getting started well this is for you else you can read it but don’t make it a priority :) Hope it helps!
@satwaya Congrats....what's this book you're reading/making? New on Product Hunt
@satwaya @i_m_paw Hello and welcome here! Makebook is a book written by @levelsio where he shares his experiences about making a product (from idea to to making to launching, etc.. until the exit). It's an interesting book if you just get started, feel free to ask any questions :)