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Get 200 subscribers for our “upcoming” product on Product Hunt-

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@saszalohrey What is it? We want to know!
@saszalohrey @tttiiibbbooo Adding myself to the thread. Please share something about what your upcoming product do as well as share your product link when you publish it on PH
@tttiiibbbooo @prashantbuddy HEY! Sorry for the delay! It's basically an app that will be your personal guide to intimacy! A bit like Headspace, but better ;) Combining content, community, and capability (push notifications with actionable advice and metrics to help you work towards your goals). We're about to start development and I'm finishing up the first draft of our website if you wanna check it out!
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@saszalohrey We also need subscribers. Maybe we can help each other! (Dominic from
@dmuellr I can't find your signup page!