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πŸ‘€ actually read the 5 new Revue newsletter I just signed up to

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ok more specifically: schedule 45 mins every morning before I start work to read, make notes & share from them over a cup of β˜•οΈ + stick to it!!
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@smcbride_ni What are the newsletters about?
@anthilemoon a mix of tech & marketing: 1) tech/marketing/french politics by Liam Boogar - 2) news/thoughts on voice computing by Betaworks VC Matt Hartman - 3) general thoughts from Seth Godin - 4) tech-focused news from Benedict Evans - 5) business models/political economy/society by Azeem Azhar - ✨I found them all through the Revue discover tool which is awesome - ✨
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@smcbride_ni Amazing, quite a few I didn't know! Thanks so much for sharing!
@anthilemoon my pleasure. 😊
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@smcbride_ni These are great! Also, I didn't realize you can submit any newsletter to Revue. I am going to try submitting mine.