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@souhailmerroun It's a pretty early stage app that we're developing to make email a better experience. Right now we do two things. First, we allow users to create locked aliases for use on sites, to subscribe to newsletters, etc. without worrying about having any spam ever on those addresses even if the sites get compromised. Second, if you auth the app to a Gmail/Gapps account we let you block any sender in your Inbox or Junk folder. We've got more features coming but that's what we do right now. We're in closed beta but always adding more users as we have room and they fit our current target (eventually we'll go beyond iOS and Gmail for these features so folks who aren't iOS+Gapps should apply and we'll invite when we're ready).
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@sanjay looks nice, good luck.
@souhailmerroun thanks. First blended consumer and enterprise startup for me. Both of my previous startups were both enterprise focused. So this should be a lot of fun. Closing in on the 100 user goal and then marching on to 1,000!
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