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Find a place to publish piece about collaborative vs. competitive landscapes for startups w/female founders

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@sallysimms Interesting! Do you mean a platform that will pay you for a piece? Maybe you can pitch to Quartz? Lenny? Bitch Media? If you're willing to share for free Medium is always a great place to start. Happy to proof read if you need help.
@abadesi Thank you! I have this piece in the works that's just advice for female founders from my first year and a half-ish working on my company - and this piece on things that don't feel like work (for founders) but are - - would love your thoughts!
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@abadesi PS mm, not necessarily paid. I'm most interested in just getting this out there to support female founders + build community. Don't have much of a following on my own Medium :)
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@sallysimms These are great thanks for sharing them here: I'm sure other female founder and women in tech focused platforms would also find value in these submissions.
@sallysimms I just skimmed these but I *love* the message and advice you're sharing. How about adding more photos for those who are more visual? I always use Unsplash for my write ups.
@sallysimms Would love to read this once it's live. :)
@anthilemoon Here's the one about collaborative vs. competitive landscapes! and have been working on female founders piece :)
@sallysimms "The most important problem for us is showing the world the potential of the practical stuff we make — because they’re not used to it yet." — really good article!