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Validate that people would pay for Ashby

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@ryanjyost, how do you intend to do that validation?
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@ryanjyost @lubo Looking forward to know about that as well
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@lubo @souhailmerroun My plan is to share a simple "Coming Soon" landing page w/ Mailchimp email collection I created 👉https://ashby.app I plan to get it in front of people through a combo of Google Adwords, Facebook ads, IndieHackers post, forums, and good 'ole fashioned cold emailing/one-on-one outreach/convos. I should be able to do all that pretty easily with a couple hundreds bucks (US). I usually waste time building stuff without validating - so this is the first time I'm doing legit validation prior to any coding (beyond the landing page 😁)
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@lubo @ryanjyost I don't have a legit experience but here is my opinion. I think building without validating is wrong. But I also think not building at all is also wrong. You need to find the perfect balance between the two. Building a demo should be as far as something that a real user can play with and benefit from but also it shouldn't take you a long time to build as well. In your case, I think as a starter the landing page will get you some emails, but If you'd hack around some kind of bot or even a personal account that will play the role of the app itself. You can even text all your users manually one by one at first reminding them etc... and you can see how they interact, if they answer etc... I think you'll get a lot more knowledge about your users that way and better validation.
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@ryanjyost, well, seems like you've got a plan and I think this is the most important thing that you need in order to start! Keep it up and let us know when the "Coming Soon" page is ready. 😉
@souhailmerroun, it really depends on what you're building. But, yes, I think you're right in this case.
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