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☀️ Create a prettier Weekend Fund portfolio site

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What I have now at weekend.fund was created with Carrd in 20 minutes. I don't plan on spending much time on this, but it needs some design love. 💋 Suggestions/wild ideas welcome!
@rrhoover Remove "+8 More" and add all the companies names. A one liner description for all companies will be good. Not sure it helps with the design aspect suggestions you seeking
@rrhoover what @prashantbuddy said + link to company websites
@rrhoover also add a short bio about yourself / what you're looking for (something like your one line investing thesis). Add portfolio company logos along with their description and URIs as @prashantbuddy and @lamaalrajih suggested.
@prashantbuddy @lamaalrajih @thedevarsh great suggestions. Thanks, everyone. 🙏🏼
@rrhoover I would love to work on a design for this! Feel free to drop me a message if you want to team up. 🙂🙌
@jamiepeak really appreciate that! I'm going to keep this simple and design it myself, although could really use a better logo/mark. My Wal Mart-like sun logo isn't great, but I'd like to stick with the sun theme. ☀️
@rrhoover sounds good! When I get chance I'll have a play with a logo/mark, I don't think logo's are my strongest area but if I come up with something worthy I'll send you a Figma link. I won't be offended if it doesn't make the cut. 🙂👍
@jamiepeak you rock. Would love to see what you come up with but of course no pressure at all. Do it only if you find it fun. 😊 In addition to the sun theme, I'm hoping to find something that's clean (it should work as a small 50x50 px mark), bright/playful, and can work with a white background.
@rrhoover awesome, thanks for the info Ryan! Look forward to having a play with it. 😀👊
@rrhoover you can check out readymag.com, it gives more freedom and opportunities
@rrhoover tiny UX issue, more like a pet peeve – could you please add @blank at the end of each outgoing URL in Carrd? It makes the links auto-open in a new tab so nobody loses weekend.fund every time they want to check something out 😅 Other than that, I love it! 🙏
@rrhoover It would be great if the website is designed like a conversation, starting with a basic history of the fund (why you started and what the vision is), what kinds of startups you look for. You might want to have a discussion thread or contact form under each area of interest so you can sort responses based on areas or encourage a community discussion under each area. Like others have mentioned before, a brief description of each startup would be great. Perhaps what got you most excited about it as well and how you're looking to help them/what help they're looking for. You have good social capital. Perhaps you can encourage site visitors to rally to the support of your portfolio companies. 😊