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πŸ€— Invest in 20th startup

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@rrhoover Oooh which stage? I swear I'm not asking for me.
@rrhoover amazing! # keeps rolling right through.
@rrhoover Can any simple tool help you to manage all your investment? Plus an area where you receive new pitch desk. Sounds helpful to you?
@mhrnik I've seen many people build tools to manage portfolios but I haven't found anything that provides enough value to warrant changing my habits/current process.
@mhrnik @rrhoover If you don't mind sharing, what is your current process?
@michaelcjoseph I don't have a formal process in part b/c I don't have partners or traditional "monday morning meetings". Each company is different so I often adapt to their schedule. For example, some founders are closing their round the week I meet with them while others haven't even started formally fundraising.
@rrhoover Agree. Thanks
@rrhoover hope you find the next πŸ¦„! πŸ˜„
@adelaida_sofia haha, me too. I'll find out in 5 years. :)
@rrhoover haha either way, hope the founders are incredible and you enjoy the journey! 😺
@rrhoover Things are moving so fast! Good luck on finding your next investment.
@rrhoover Dp you also do sponsorships for community initiatives? πŸ€”
@weirdowizard what do you mean by sponsorships?
@weirdowizard @rrhoover I think he's referring to sponsorship for events like Hackathons such as Hack the Valley: [https://www.facebook.com/hackthe...] (Where you are more likely to meet Start-ups and entrepreneurs to invest in).
@weirdowizard @ralf_maamari ahh, we don't sponsor any events but sometimes send swag to those interested. Best to email Jacq at jacq@producthunt.com with details. :)
@weirdowizard @producthunt @rrhoover Haha swag is great but you know what's better, you speaking at opening ceremonies in front of 500 international student hackers ;)
@ralf_maamari haha, I can't take on any more events. Not enough time! :)