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Finish reading Sapiens πŸ“•

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I know I'm way behind on this one. I'm currently a few chapters into it on Audible.
@rrhoover we should consider doing a PH book club πŸ€“
@rrhoover Is it as good as advertised?
@rrhoover I read it and never actually finished the last chapter - but I'm now onto Homo Deus (the sequel) on Audible. Definitely prefer consuming non-fiction as an audio book, feels like a podcast and easier to get through. Homo Deus is pretty out there but I'm really enjoying it.
@rrhoover What did you think of it? Personally, I absolutely loved it! So many great things in it. I learned a lot and it helped me ask myself a lot of questions. I even did a presentation about Sapiens at school πŸ˜„
@mrcalexandre it was super fascinating and dense. I feel like I need to give it another read.
@rrhoover Yes I felt the same. Dense and fascinating at the same time, that's why I was always putting bookmarks in it to come back to certain chapters πŸ˜„ I will do the same but will read before Homo Deus. Currently reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, I also recommend this book, in a totally different genre πŸ‘