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πŸŽ™ Create list of 50 potential podcast guests for Product Hunt Radio

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Open to suggestions! Podcasts will be recorded in SF in person and include a mix of VCs, founders, operators, and reporters across different verticals and backgrounds.
@rrhoover what kind of topics & people are you thinking! or is there a central theme that will all tie together? Happy to throw some amazing people your way. also def volunteering myself πŸ˜‚
@grlalx thanks! The podcast is conversational, focused on what's new/interesting in tech and products people love. Some episodes may be themed (e.g. crypto, social good, consumer/social) which would mirror the interest and experience of the 2-3 guests. But overall is very open ended!
@rrhoover so it would be a panel ya? so many interesting people!! what would be most helpful? Names/twitter handles & a little about what they would uniquely bring to the table?
@grlalx I know, my search is too open-ended. :) Who would be the 5 people (based in SF as I'll be recording IRL) you'd most want to listen to on a podcast talking about tech and products?
@rrhoover will think about this and DM tonight