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🤗 Invest in 28th startup

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@rrhoover won’t be long before you cross 30’s and into 40’s!
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@rrhoover What companies have you invested in and what are you looking to invest in next?
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@momscancode I shared the portfolio and some info of what I'm looking for at weekend.fund.
@rrhoover besides capital - how else do you help? Networking? Mentoring?
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@zxed it depends on what the entrepreneurs need help with. I enjoy helping with product, marketing, press, future fundraising, etc.
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@rrhoover just curious if you can share- how would you go about with valuing influential social media accounts - Twitter / IG / Medium etc. (asking based on sort of companies you're interested to invest)
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@thedevarsh do you mean valuing a company's social media following?
@rrhoover interesting. I hadn’t considered that. I meant social media accounts like say that of Kardashians. Owning rights to future earnings of say Kardashian like influencer when they are starting off may lead to huge return for investor. I am curious if you’ve thought about it because of your interest in lil miquela and digital celebs.
@thedevarsh I'm not sure how to evaluate their value in dollars, tbh. You could base it on a CPM or CPC model as if it was an advertising channel + goodwill for the known brand, I suppose.
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@rrhoover agree CPM / CPC works for known brands. Wonder how one would go about predicting right valuation for an up and coming influencer. I guess maybe that’s what talent agencies are supposed to do not an investor but it’s still interesting to ponder about.
@rrhoover @thedevarsh Really interesting concept. I think investing/funding early-stage influencer content in return for equity on all future partnerships would be a great model!
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@rrhoover, I thought the Weekend Fund has ceased investing for the moment.
@lubo nope! I'm just over halfway through the fund.
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@rrhoover, oops... I'm terribly wrong then, I guess. Sorry for that. Shall I send you some info over the e-mail then? 🤑