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πŸŽ™ Publish episode #3 of Product Hunt Radio with Daniel Gross and Laura Deming

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@rrhoover, what's the show about?
@rrhoover nevermind, followed the link and read the description lol.
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@rrhoover looking forward to this!
@rrhoover great. Ryan Quick question not related to the actual goal. I noticed that this goal is showing "Due in 1 Day" tag next to created date. I went back and tried to create a new goal and set a due date but couldn't find an option to set a due date. Is this "due date" feature only for goals in Podcast Creators space or a feature in beta that only few people have access to? Definitely a good feature to have, to keep us accountable.
@prashantbuddy we're introducing the due date option very soon! You'll see it shortly. :)
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