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YC Startup School - week 2

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@roman_eaton Woot 🚀 How are you liking it so far?
@amrith unfortunately they failed with their approve/decline triggers, so they had to approve all the applications (there were 15k+). So the groups are dramatically mixed - we are with very early stage startups, while we've been launched and also have a round product. It looks like the collaboration in the groups will be useless. Anyway we have the first group meeting these weekends and I'll let you know how it is going - we're excited too
@roman_eaton How did the first group meeting go? My group has a good mix of both launched and super early stage startups (like mine) as well
@nishanthsamala well, I'm not a moderator, bu it looks that something went wrong, and we all missed the meeting. So the first is this weekend