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push static blog to github

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@road_2015 you can try netlify too. I have hosted my there. It comes with a continuous integration and deploymentm
@sivaram636 that's a good point, I've already try netlify once, but then I feel like wasting the .github.io 🤔
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@road_2015 what is most important for you: have a separated website of views? i mean you can setup a blog on Medium, and deploy on github wouldn't be a problem :) Btw, i think you should take a look at Docusaurus. it's not looking very pretty, but you'll be able to store your content at Markdown format.
@arthur_tkachenko 🤔Well, I just want to write some things, don't care much about reads. I want it to be my thing so no need for medium/ghost/or others. 😄 Thanks for suggesting Docasaurus, I'll use markdown for sure want but with Nuxt. I'm using this as reference https://github.com/andreliem/vuecms
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@road_2015 got it. looks similar to docus. ok, keep going! share link to your blog, will be interested to read