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Successfully release MunchLog, fingers crossed!

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@souhailmerroun Inspired by diet power, fitness pal, water logging apps, eatthismuch etc, I decided to make an app 2 years ago that brings all features into one app... I'm very interested in user feedback at this stage so if you're into fitness lemme know what you think!
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@rjfares Hmm. Nice. I'm not that much into the stage "optimizing my diet, fitness" of life. I barely do the basics. Good luck.
@rjfares when is the official release?
@a1iusman in the beginning-mid March. The website would be done with its basic functionality and the android app will be done with the major changes. (We have a pre-release version already in the Playstore). You can also check our Facebook page where we'll share the latest news. Thanks for your interest and let me know what you think!
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