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Figure out default social media images for individual episodes

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@rezzz in Transistor.fm if you upload new episode artwork, it should become the default image shown on social media.
@mijustin yup 👍 - but I meant for pages like https://rezzz.com/a85
@rezzz Ah. Gotcha. I use Yoast for that!
@rezzz we recently went through this process. Here's an example of the results we landed on: Initially we were considering taking a photo with the guests but that proved to be less consistent and I really didn't want my face/selfie in every photo. 😁
@rrhoover I like that -- I do something similar for Live In The Feast podcast, but since the Ask Rezzz show is just me answering one question every day, I think for the time being, I've settled in on just using the cover art
@rezzz I've been soliciting portraits from guests, and it has been working just fine! E.g. https://uibreakfast.com/111-effe... Sometimes it's a bit of a trouble when they send over something without shoulders/background and I can't make a landscape banner out of it :) But usually it works out, or I find other images of them. Also tried SM banners like this: https://twitter.com/uibreakfast/... Might be more practical in the long run because most often you can just pull a small portrait from Twitter.
@uibreakfast what do you do if the show is just you though? I know (or at least I haven't caught one) where you do solo shows?
@uibreakfast for the SM banners you essentially add in that photo when you create the tweet or post, rather than let the platform pull it, right?
@rezzz Oh yes, absolutely, the banner is done manually in Photoshop and then posted as a regular image on Twitter/Facebook.
@rezzz Good question, never been a solo show :) Would've been something similar but without the guest name/image (for social). For the website, no images probably.