Razvan Ilin
Razvan Ilin@razvanilin · Software Engineer, Founder @Chartbrew

Stream the building of a product https://www.twitch.tv/razvanilin

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@razvanilin You may be interested in Shipstreams which is a directory for people who livestream the creation of a product or project. Congrats 🎉
@jamesstewart Thanks man 😄 I joined the site just before my stream. I'm sure that it helped to get more people on. All in all the stream was a success, almost 1k views 🙌
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@razvanilin That's awesome! Are you going to do it again?
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@jamesstewart yup, didn't manage to launch and add the final design to the app I was building, and the people watching the stream wanted another one where I finish everything 😸
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