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Start a podcast [Finally]

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@ravivyas84 Do you know the topic of your podcast?
@mrcalexandre Not really... that is the hard part ... what topic do you think is still open?
@ravivyas84 That's the tough question 🤔 I am trying to get back to listening to podcasts so I am not an expert. I think most topics are still open if you bring your unique way of podcasting. IMO podcasts are not mainstream so it's still a good time to start a podcast. Just quick thoughts : I see that you are a founder, did you think of making a podcast about your journey as a founder?
@mrcalexandre wow i feel old, have been listening to podcasts since 2010 :) .. will be something around entrepreneurship itself
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@ravivyas84 Cool! Do you plan to talk or interview someone for each episode?
@ravivyas84 nice! Want to join the Podcast Creators space? Happy to add you.
@rrhoover Yes please :)
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