Randy Aries Saputra

Randy Aries Saputra

Terbentur, terbentur, terbentuk!


Entering its 9th year of operation since September 2022, we are focused on improving and transforming our business model into a digital-based integrated education service provider that can form an educational ecosystem for Indonesian students. With this transformation, we aim to provide more diverse products and services and reach students from all over Indonesia. As of 2023, we are effectively managing two business lines, namely "bimbelmc" as education services (Edtech) and "siswapay" as financial services (Fintech), both of which are here to meet the educational and financial services needs of more than 24 million school students in Indonesia.


Founder & CEO at Master Course

Maker History

  • siswapay
    1st E-wallet for student in Indonesia.
    Jan 2023
  • bimbelmc
    #1st Education one-stop service in Indonesia. Layanan pendidikan terpadu siswa Indonesia.
    Dec 2022
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    Joined Product HuntSeptember 22nd, 2022