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Find developers 7-10 to test out our product with APIs having complex logic

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@dorelljames Product(www.yappes.com) is on MEAN stack!! The custom logic needs to be written on Javascript - Example Demo Video (
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@rajagopal1986 I see and get it. That's quite an interesting platform for devs and providers. Say I want to use another npm package? I can't see it or I might have missed it on the video but that should be possible, right? How do you also handle authorization on the API endpoints?
@rajagopal1986 I think one more important thing that I don't get at the moment is how to save data, update it and/or delete. Then, I could probably do more testing for other methods such as POST, PUT, DELETE.
@dorelljames Thanks for your feedback!! For security reasons we have limited the npm import. We have created custom JSOs which can be used in writing business logic. http://docs.yappes.com/jso_refer...
@dorelljames All the endpoints can be deleted or updated and the business logic in each endpoint can be updated. Also you can add multiple Endpoints with different http methods please refer : http://docs.yappes.com/new_api