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Find 10 influencers who care about lack of pockets in women's apparel

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@radian_jeans I'm so in if you want my opinion about this issue !
@radian_jeans - Most women get excited upon seeing pockets in dresses -- so I think just about any influencer would cheer on the addition of usable pockets in women's apparel. (Pockets are kind of having a moment ... I bought a dress or two this summer with pockets & I heard some of the high schoolers' event (prom, etc.) had pockets, and it was celebrated!) :)
@radian_jeans @jillbarletti Thanks so much!! Pockets are certainly having a moment, and sure hope it's here to stay :) We launched end of last year, and raised around $250k in revenues during our Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/proj... Scaling up now :D
@ahmed_s_malik - That's absolutely fantastic! I wish you continued success! :)