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Launched the landingpage, now searching for ways to get feedback

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@quaasteniet hey! i am new here, so not sure how does all that work, but send a link for the landing page and I will feedback!
@quaasteniet 1. I think that there is a lot of empty space around the logo and Title.I am using 13 inch laptop, and when I land on your page, it seems like there is nothing more to the page apart of a logo and the Heading. So my eyes are wandering around without getting any useful info. I would add some kind of hints that there is something going on below, to add a flow to the page. Maybe move the heading and the email form a bit up, and then make sure you add some attention points so people scroll down to know more. You can do that by adding menu titles on the top of the pages. By clicking them user would be scrolled down. Also, I would change a bit the copy writing of the following: Know your high-expectation customer Conveniently catch your product appeal in 1 Metric It is not really clear for me, what benefit would I get with an early access. So I don't want to engage. Also maybe worth reducing blank space between sections too... Hope that helps a bit. Sorry for any typos, I have a broken handd :) Have a nice day, Radmila
@quaasteniet @radmila that's just awesome thank you very much to take the time and give practical feedback. I will incorporate your suggestions! Oh and I hope your hand will be better soon! :)
@radmila Hi, I just wanted to let you know that we listened to your feedback and actually did something with it. We appreciated a lot that you took the time to look at it. We even went through a name change because of that :) Our current version is now live at : https://www.makestuffpeoplelove.com
Asked feedback on indie hackers and reddit, if anyone has more suggestions they are welcome :D