Piotr Bartoszek
Piotr Bartoszek@piotr_bartoszek · Owwly's founder

Public first beta version of Owwly to the end of this week

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@piotr_bartoszek great and good luck with the public beta launch
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@piotr_bartoszek looks pretty slick! Go and get that https certificate though - it doesn't take too long! 😉
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@kevinguebert yep, you are right - we changed DNS address yesterday so we need wait some time when site will be available to users. But after that - beta will be reveal :)
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@piotr_bartoszek Looks pretty nice! Small error in the copy though; "🦉 Owwly is a space for Product Designers interesting about new cool products and trends from UI/UX area 🎨." -> 'interesting' should become 'interested'. Other than that, nice effort!
@amrith thanks for your comment! It's fixed 😊
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@amrith @piotr_bartoszek congrats on launching!
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