David Miranda
David Miranda@panphora · Founder, Remake

Live coding a web app framework (remakejs.com) https://twitch.tv/panphora

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@panphora question: does it help you to focus? or what is the main goal
@arthur_tkachenko It's very simple and east to use. I was able to build a basic Trello clone today in a few hours, including design. It's great for small projects and prototyping. If you're interested, I can send you a short video tutorial.
@arthur_tkachenko @panphora I made a tutorial for you. It goes over how to build a full web app using Remake.js in 30 minutes. I hope you like it :) https://cl.ly/96c1d8640017
@arthur_tkachenko @panphora Did you check it out? What did you think?