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Run 5km on 8th

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@arthur_tkachenko I did last friday but only made 4.2 km
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@p_mbanugo got it. ok, my advice - this is just a number - so be careful. you can also make a long walk on the day before run - i'll warm up your legs.
@arthur_tkachenko I do some exercise between monday to friday before the run. That helps. Tho I just moved to a new place and trying to be consistent with my morning exercise. Today I used the jump ropes, did mountain climbers and pushups for about 10 mins.
@p_mbanugo wow, it's a pretty good exercise for your heart. keep going! but also use good sneakers for run. For sure, for small amounts of km - it's not necessary, but be careful with your heels
@p_mbanugo Yay! 5 days to go man!
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