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review comments from blog draft

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@p_mbanugo Hey Peter! Curious how you're sharing your drafts and collecting feedback. I'm looking to add draft reviews to and be curious learn who you're sharing drafts with and how useful it is or isn't. 😊
@corey_gwin I use depends, working with twilio it's done through google doc, because it's easier to export to their blog. I switch between using dropbox paper but because dropbox paper doesn't export a fine Markdown, if I'm publish on, I share with a friend and we use
@p_mbanugo Awesome, thanks for the insight. Was not familiar with! Pretty click. I have seen lots of interest in as of late. I'm aiming to provide highlighting/comments part of the review process on Not sure about providing the ability to provide edits, but more or less be able to provide feedback prior to publishing. (Also intend to provide export to Markdown! 😊)
@corey_gwin Nice app. It doesn't have free for me to try it. Does one need to be signed up with the app before I can ask them to review? Also, your icons at the top should either be replace with text or show tooltip on hover. I noticed I can click them but it doesn't tell me what options I'm toggling with those. Developing apps, I know some of my users aren't tech savvy. So I either use text rather than image, or have text beside the image... In your case my tech savvy mind wants to see a tooltip when i put my mouse over the icons. There is enough space that I think you can display text and icon for desktop, and icons with hover text on mobile
@corey_gwin Yes is also getting some attention these days. I think I'm liking the atmosphere and new devs are pouring in to that platform. I've been writing frequently for 2 months now and that seems to have gained me more followers.