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Launch the Esports Network community

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Hey everybody, I am going to test this new way of launching a product through the maker list platform here on PH.
I built and managed many communities in the past, especially online ones through IRC (call me oldschool), Slack, Github (no joke) but also in life thanks to meetup.
I was looking for a specific community for gamers, but not the Fortnite kind of players..more like the kind of gamers that are __working__ in the game/esports world. Couldn't find anything, even after asking here on PH multiple times
Therefore, if you are passionate about esports you should check this out. Maybe you're an investor, maybe a builder, maybe you work on something that would work pretty well in the esports world.
Here's my ship page - first time using this launching platform - show me your love (and emails duh!) over here please 🙏🏻 https://www.producthunt.com/upco... See you on our Discord server soonish!
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