Oli Woods
Oli Woods@oli_woods · designer/owner at www.typified.io

Put together basic structure and headings of Kickstarter page, so it's easy to populate and finesse over the coming months

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@oli_woods exciting times! What product are you going to be raising for on your Kickstarter page?
@abadesi It's an updating paper poster which updates to always show the correct daily weather. It uses a PCB and a tiny IOT computer in the frame which control smart ink areas of the poster. You can check the landing page out here: www.typified.io What are you working on??
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@oli_woods Working on Makers Festival, are you signing up? https://www.producthunt.com/ship...
@abadesi Would love to, but currently based in Melbourne, Aus!
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@oli_woods It's an online thing! But totes cool if you're busy. We hope to do many more.
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@abadesi Cool, I'll check it out
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