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Complete work on Boardman & launch on Product Hunt

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@nmeri17 what are you planning on launching? Boardman?
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@kevinguebert Yes. Thanks. I don't know if posting the url will count as spam or advertising, but I'd have loved to hear your thoughts or input before I launch.
@nmeri17 not spam at all! We are all here to help each other out, add it in a comment and I would love to check it out!
@kevinguebert That's pleasant to hear. The 'leaderboard' is blank for now, since I don't have much users yet. 'Find cart' works but needs slight tweaking which I happen to be working on as we speak. The FAQ will explain the setup better The interest you express is stimulating and I appreciate that.
@nmeri17 so I don't think I'm your target audience as I didn't understand all the lingo associated with it, but it looks pretty good. I would say as some feedback that some things seemed a bit off with interactions. On initial page load it seemed like it was about to crash my browser but I think it was instead loading lots of data? Looking in the console, it looks like the "live" request was taking a while. The site wouldn't let me interact with anything until it loaded. Then, when I clicked on the three horizontal dots, it looks like it may have overloaded the site as well as I couldn't do anything. This confused me and I would recommend maybe putting a loading indicator or something as to let the user know that something is happening in the background. It looks pretty interesting though! The progress you've made is awesome.
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@kevinguebert Your review is a huge moral booster! Yes, I noticed the freeze on page load and attribute it to the jQuery Mobile I'm using to power the site on mobile devices. By default JQM uses AJAX; and I don't intend to navigate to other parts of the site with AJAX. Disabling JQM's AJAX unfortunately causes all AJAX requests to be synchronous. There's also a lag after page load resulting in a blank screen, which from the profiling console, I can see is the mobile view rendering (Mere media queries can't help here since the core content is laid out in tables). Since I'm still focused on server side functionality, I haven't yet begun to investigate whether it'll be possible to thwart all the interference from JQM (with loading animations, for instance). The 3 dots popup a menu that allows the user to switch to their desired selection. If you can't see it, it could be your browser blocking popups, perhaps. It sits on the overlay, somewhere around the dots you clicked on. Thanks again for taking the time.
Stalled indefinitely. Got smitten by an infirmity last December and have been embattled ever since my operation last month.