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Talk to people about my idea. I guess this is a great place to start!

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@nickmenelaou so what is your idea?
@nickmenelaou Would love to hear more
@nickmenelaou alway's here to listen to new ideas!
@joshdance @tweeteradel @jesswallaceuk thank you ever so much for the great support. So the basic idea is to create a mobile service provider which targets the mobile workforce and nomads in Europe for the time being. Much like Revolut but for mobile services
@joshdance @tweeteradel @jesswallaceuk Now I know there are certain apps that offer burner numbers but I am wondering if you could bundle the service under one app much like the startup from Verizon (can't remember the name but I know it is on PH). The drop in roaming charges is a great beginning for Europeans but there are still some challenges that it doesn't solve. Mobile data and pricing varies from country to country and some offerings are really bad (Consider Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine and even Germany & UK have poor data offering when compared to Scandinavian countries). So my thinking is to provide an all unlimited package for one price with a capped speed (maybe 10 Mbits) and allowing a combo of burner and additional permanent numbers (for an added monthly price) to be ordered and managed from one app. The only thing that still makes me think if there is a better way rather using the internet to manage the additional numbers, which seems to be what everyone is doing. I am sure even with all this great coverage, we all experienced blank spots. I still haven't seen alternative technology for a SIM to have multiple numbers (might have missed it, to be honest, as my kid takes a lot of time these days). But once again thank you for wanting to find out more and for being awesome!
@joshdance @tweeteradel @jesswallaceuk Goes with out saying that I open to your opinion. For now it is just an idea that I talked with a couple of friends and none of us has the technical abilities to build something like that. So we are definitely going to need all the help we can get!
@tweeteradel @jesswallaceuk @nickmenelaou Seems like a cool idea. Buy my opinion doesn't matter. :) I am not a digital nomad. I would join NomadList and maybe shop the idea around? See what they currently use? How hard is it for them? What pain are you solving, kind of nail those down.
@tweeteradel @jesswallaceuk @joshdance Joshua awesome tip! I respect everyone's opinion. I am not a digital nomad either (secretively I wish I was). The idea came to me when my daughter lost my Cyprus SIM card and we were about to fly to Cyprus. Now I love the data I get from my UK SIM (because in Cyprus you get a max of 2-3GB and they cost a fortune) but most times I got friends calling me but they have to call my UK number. So usually the process is to wait for them to hang up and then calling them back. Then I thought maybe my pain point could apply to other scenarios as well.
@tweeteradel @joshdance @nickmenelaou Hey Nicholas! I love the idea - I'm personally not a digital nomad, but I have had experience of trying apps when I'm having business conversations and do not want to use my personal number too often. I've also had experience with Roaming Charges being a huge issue. As I have family and friends who go in and out of Europe, I think having a solution like this would be a great idea - especially if it's a bundled package. I would say, I do think it would be useful to digital nomad's but generally SME businesses who often travel and can utilise having both business and personal on the go. If you'd like to explore the digital nomad region more - it certainly is worth signing up to some Nomad groups and getting some opinions in there.