Nikolas Huebecker
Nikolas Huebecker@nhuebecker · 17 y/o Full Stack Dev + UX Engineer

Redesign personal site!

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@nhuebecker Are you building from scratch or using a service like SquareSpace or Carrd? I used carrd for mine - it was super easy and I even have a custom domain 🙂
@abadesi Was looking into it, but I have recently been learning react so I think I might build a portfolio using my new skillz (Yes, skills with a Z)!
@abadesi Just a heads up, that Hustle Crew link needs fixing! 😜 Sticking an http:// before it should fix things...
Still working on a few things, but the front page is up
@nhuebecker nice! I like how your eyes in the photo are subtly looking at the text on the right of the page.
@rrhoover Yeah, that was 100% on accident. That was the only decent picture I have taken in the past year and it just kinda worked out like that.... 😁