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Grow my LinkedIn network (lets connect!

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@ngkhaiyong I'm curious: why do you want to grow your LinkedIn network? I have some assumptions but would love to hear in your own words if you're willing. :)
@rrhoover Hi Ryan! I work in a SaaS company which is entirely digital. It can get very lonely at times (plus our team is very small). There is a lot of excitement in the local startup/entrepreneur scene so I want to expand my network and see how I can contribute my skills (speaking, training, building, hacking etc). P.S. Sorry if this goal isn't really related to the makers group but it's something I really want to work on and I'm grateful for this community here which is so supportive.
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@ngkhaiyong thanks for sharing! This is very helpful as I've observed other remote talent express similar desires.
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@rrhoover No problem! And thanks for creating this! 😃