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Find a new place to live w/ affordable rent to focus on building 2 startups

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@nayamoss good idea! this is what i did in order to not be bothered by apartment rent
@nayamoss two startups!? One is hard enough. Where do you live now?
@rrhoover Going to give the Pieter Levels approach a try. At 23yrs old, 8yrs in the field, I've been through the unimaginable as a black woman in tech working at startups. So I made a list of items startups can improve on terms of Culture, HR, IT, and how I can support black women that have experienced what I have. I experimented with solutions, did some research, a little validation, committed, quit my job, pursuing. I live in nyc 😬😬😬. I speak Romanian so, Romania is a choice of places to live for a bit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯