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Revised: Stay focused and finish at least 3 blog post by 9/7

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@nayamoss What are the blog posts about?
@syswarren They are for my Black Women in Tech website, Frauvis. Soft launched only a couple a weeks ago, one of the top survey requests were a blog post and black women in tech stories. So the first few are on getting started in tech jobs that aren't all coding, and a highlight/interview of a black women in tech.
@nayamoss Oh nice! I'd be happy to share the posts on social media when you're ready. Always there to support women in tech 🔥
@nayamoss Awesome! Please do let know when you have them up. I'd love to share them on social media and in my newsletter for women in tech.
@syswarren and @venikunche, That would be awesome, thanks so much to you both! It's out there, now I have to do it. Motivation to GSD!
@syswarren @venikunche Thanks so much for the support! Unfortunately I was unable to finish the blog post. Excuse alert. True: My apartment flooded really bad in almost 8k worth of damages. I live alone, no friends + family, so spent all week cleaning all ruined items, removing 471sqft of laminate flooring all by myself, found mold, then needed to do an emergency move out situation to my friends sofa, etc. Otherwise I experienced hell lol. But I promise once I move and get settled, to have something by 8/31 or 9/7. It pushed me to get at least 1.5 post done due to the support you guys showed. Thanks again! Keep ya posted.
@syswarren @venikunche I finally got the post up 😬, getting another out today, Thanks for the support, even if your not black women in tech. Let me know your thoughts.
@syswarren @nayamoss Awesome. Love the advice that you gave. My only suggestions is to change the title a little. I am not good at coming up with headlines. Maybe something like: "Advice for BLKWIT Who Want to Join a Startup". Initially, i thought it was a post about you and how you want to join a startup. Thank you sharing! I'll add it to my newsletter which is going out on Thursday.
@syswarren @venikunche Great catch! I'm horrible with good headlines. I want to eventually do a friends theme, similar to the naming convention of every episode starting with "The one with" or "The one who". Thanks so much! I greatly appreciate it, can't wait! Please let me know if there is anything I can do in return.
@nayamoss Hey, I mentioned your post in my newsletter: Thank you for sharing!
@venikunche Yes, I saw, I actually subscribed last week. I very much appreciate the share and the advice on the title. I really love the newsletter! The link "Just f*ing ship it in 30 days with Women Make" is pretty cool. Going to try it out 😃
@nayamoss Yes, join us for the Women Make challenge! There are a few women from this space who are also in there.