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Create Patreon or Kickstarter Drip or both

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Hello @natasha_dzurny, how is your experience with Patreon so far?
@guillaumebardet I look at it longingly. I don't know what the expectations will be of people who give money - do they need to have a deliverable thing?
From what I've understood @natasha_dzurny, it is based on you. It could be a monthly payment to access private content or simply support your project. Or even a payment per episode/song/item you deliver for example. Their seems to be a lot of different options. To clarify, I am quite sure if let's say you plan to deliver 1 video for instance. If you deliver 10 in one month, the patreons have a 'cap' they originally set. This way it wouldn't charge them x10 but up to the cap. It's interesting because it leaves room for creativity instead of simply going with the simple donation model. I hope this helps a bit :)