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🎙Find entrepreneurs to interview for my new podcast

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@myriam_oued I'm not a celebrity entrepreneur, neither am I famous. But if i'm good enough for you I don't mind helping out.
@iamsooraj Amazing!! I am sending you a message to tell you what it is all about!
@myriam_oued This sounds interesting, what kind of entrepreneurs are you looking for?
@abadesi I am looking for entrepreneurs that are challenging the statu quo in their industries and doing unconventional things to share their adventure and encourage other to challenge the statu quo at their own level. The Podcast is called Out statu quo and in it I will also share my own entrepreneurial adventure
@myriam_oued Status quo seems to be that approximately 45% of marriages end up in divorce and 65 % of all startups fail due to founder conflicts. My wife and I are working on changing that by talking about an unsexy topic - the risk and cost of business on personal relationships. We aim to provide a resource for entrepreneurs to get their questions answered on how to build a successful business AND have a healthy relationship at the same time. We believe it's possible, provided that you have the right support and tools to make it happen. Would this topic be of interest to your audience?
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@anferneec oooh waoooh what an interesting topic! I would love to ear more about what you and your wife are up to!