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Continue one hour of focused creative mind work, first thing in the am

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@mrshallhall Nice! I should also start doing the same, by spending the 1st hour in morning to do creative tasks. For me, it'd be writing blogs and making music. What's your creative tasks?
@whizzzoe I'm an actress, so I work on visualizing things from whatever story I'm working on (play, TV script, audition, etc.) and integrating my imagined circumstances into my work. It helps bring things to life. It's hard work, focusing and imagining at a set time and for a set time, but it is an excellent practice for me. It really helps me get into the flow and centers my day positively and creatively. Committing to doing it first thing every day is sometimes a struggle though!
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@mrshallhall Good to know that! Thanks for sharing with me. Best wishes to your acting career :)