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I've dropped out of highschool to "make" fulltime, but the new group's title seems a bit intimidating? Idk :)

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@morajabi lol. I felt the same man! Just think of it as "student of life" rather than "student of an institution".
@harowitzblack @harowitzblack Yes I have read the post by the awesome Abadesi :) But it was my first impression (after reading that post) I hope it fades out!
@morajabi I realized it doesn't matter what the name is, I rarely pay attention to the name lol. So yeah, it will fade out after a while.
@morajabi What is the actual reason behind drop out ?!
@morajabi Sorry... Your words are confusing me...!!!
@dayaldave Haha, it's not too complicated to say actually. I dropped out, so I don't waste most of my time going to school. I could learn more by doing it and learning what I want from other material (which has by far better quality). It actually was true, and I've learned more in the last 1 year, than the 5 years before that. I'm not joking!
@dayaldave If it's still not clear, I can write a short blog post. Also, you can DM me on
@dayaldave @morajabi As much as I loathed going to school and doing the things I found meaningless, I am happy that I finished what I started and now there's a sense of completion; I don't have to bother thinking about it ever again.. I'd love to see you write a post 6 months down the line or 1 year down the line 🙌
@dayaldave @amrith As much as I admire your work (I have to learn a lot from you!) and the fact that you finished school, but I don't think we have to finish whatever we start, in fact, I think in different situations it can be a skill. But again, not everyone's situation is the same! I totally respect everyone's decision. I wanted to explicitly mention this in the beginning. Maybe if I didn't have an older brother, I wouldn't be able to do this. It wasn't easy for me to convince my parents and more importantly myself, too. Anyway, If I was there once again, I'd choose this 1000%. As I learnt more in the last year than the last 5 years before that combined! (my first serious hundred dollars from programming were when I was 10) I should write essays about that, thanks for telling me. It has various aspects, from social to mental to physical and friend circles to work experience and more. The reason I created this thread, was not that I feel insecure about I choose, but quite the opposite. I believe that much in this decision that I want to change this stereotype. I have reasons based on some research and my experience that high school is pretty much an unnecessarily simplified experience which is by far different from "real world".