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@miles_scherrer Good luck Miles with your YC application. Hope it goes well for ya
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@miles_scherrer every founder should complete the YC app, even if they don't intend on applying. They ask very thoughtful questions that elicit business risks that force founders to question assumptions.
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@miles_scherrer Wishing you the best with your application Miles! @rrhoover Thanks for the heads up Ryan, I'll definitely do that even if I might not apply this time around.
@guillaumebardet Thanks Guillaume! Looks like you are getting there with qlearly though why not apply for real too πŸ˜‰
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@miles_scherrer You're very welcome :) Thank you that's kind of you, I've been considering it quite a bit but I just settled in a new home now. I've been feeling like this batch won't be great timing for me but I am hoping to apply to the next one!