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@michael_hirst Nice! Are you going to try and find a mentee?
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@michael_hirst @anthilemoon Mentoring can be a really rewarding experience, and I highly recommend it.
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@anthilemoon I think affording space to let someone be their best and discover talents they didn't know they had is what this means to me. Being a mentor is interesting, but it has this pretense (words are funny things!). Both individuals are learning together. At least that's how I see it.
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@michael_hirst That makes sense and it's a great goal to have. :)
@arthur_tkachenko Hi Tkachenko. I would be happy to! Anything in particular you are looking for help with?
@michael_hirst i'm more a developer in mind, so when it come to marketing, sales, etc. - it's quite hard to me. i think right now i need some advice from experienced pro
@michael_hirst Nice! How will you help somone? Any specific areas?
@harowitzblack Giving people space and building their confidence by recognizing their improvements and also letting people know that they are helping me develop by being inspired by their progress. Ideally we both grow. As for specific areas, I guess not being so specific and letting people try things and see where they discover talents. Developer turns to animation, designer starts loving development, full stack learns they love dev ops. I hope that I can help someone get to where they are in love with what they do every day.
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@michael_hirst That's a very good goal! Good luck :)