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Start blogging about the projects I work on.

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@mesingh9 What kind of project? 🤔 Would be happy to read your draft!
@satwaya All sorts depends on mood mainly. e.g. I'm currently at 5th iteration of, but still, have not posted anything about it
@mesingh9 Why don't you post anything? You're not satisfied about your work, you're afraid it's not good enough...? The best way (I think), is to share a maximum of things maybe you can do etc and write about every single iteration and what brought you to this version
@satwaya Yah, I do that a lot. I just wait till I can make it perfect or fix out the remaining kinks. That sounds like a great idea, will try that soon. Thanks for your help.
@mesingh9 hope to hear more from you soon! :)
This goal is too vague and broad, discarding it to add new proper, to the point goals. Starting with :