Find a iOS dev cofounder ✌️

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@merrillhefdy I so wish we could build and launch things faster because we're working on something to help with this particular goal.
@syswarren after the creation of 'Jobs' and now 'Makers', I suspected something like that would come up soon or later, it would be a great and logical evolution! In France we have websites like trying to bring a solution to this problem but I feel this is still a bit limited so I'm so glad to hear that you guys are working on this, can't wait to see this I'm sure it's gonna be great!
@syswarren @merrillhefdy What is the idea behind your iOS app?
@abadesi Thanks for asking! As much as I usually love to share and talk about (my) ideas and startups, I would prefer not to put this one in public on our dear PH because I've been working on it the last few months and all frames & business plan are ready. Let's just say it's about photography and is an app-tool especially made for the IG community. I'm just now actively looking for the best cofounder and developer who would like to share it with me.