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Mohd Danish@mddanishyusuf · Front-end Engineer @anantcorp

Building 4th product of this Year.

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@mddanishyusuf Faster than the german autobahn! What happened to the other 3? :-)
@mddanishyusuf what's the product??
@christopher_lee4 this 4th product is a blog theme and it's kinda new way to blogging. this will be out next week.
@mddanishyusuf cool, looking forward to it! Btw, if you're looking for your first adopters I just launched a service where for $12 you can ask 100 random people a question, and then follow-up and interview them based on how they answered. If you're looking to figure out who'd want it, or you just want to test the concept or get some feedback let me know, I'll give you $12 in free credits so you can get the initial question for free. Best of luck!
@christopher_lee4 The services seems promising. But my question is who are these 100 random peoples? Are they startup guys, Makers or Business guys? Yes, For sure, I'll get the feedback and want to use the platform workflow. Here is my email id for further chat. mddanishyusuf@abogaolyh929 Thanks @christopher_lee4
@abogaolyh929 @mddanishyusuf No worries at all! Just trying to help. The panel is made up of people of various occupations, ages, genders, all from the US, UK, and Canada. You can read more here if you're curious:
Simple MVP done. Now It's time to ship :)