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Write my first post on Medium

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@maysun_hassanaly Great, about what are you wanting to write?
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@nikolay_siabrenko Honestly, about everything related to engineering, the future, philosophy, my experiences etc...I love sharing! Turns out my first post was about a traveling guide aha. You can read it here :)
@maysun_hassanaly Nice, let me know if I can help, I'd be happy to review the draft and give you some feedback!
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@noemistauffer Thanks so much! Sorry I have just seen this. I wasn't ready to write my first inspiring story yet but was very inspired from a trip to Prague so decided to jump in and take the opportunity to write about it: I'm currently drafting another post - very different, would love for you to read it!
@maysun_hassanaly FIRST! Hope you catch the writing bug. :)
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@rrhoover You won't believed it but I have 26 draft posts....I am one of those who get very excited and then find it hard to finish the last bit
That's cool @maysun_hassanaly! Considering many are wondering whether to use medium or create their own blog, did you think about this? If so, I would be curious to know why you have chosen Medium? That's what I plan on using as well just curious about your thought process on this. Regardless, best of luck with your first article :)
Hello @guillaumebardet you're so right, I have my own website (a quick Wordpress work) but I want to launch and share it properly once I feel like there is enough useful and good content on there. That's why Medium is my intermediate fix: it's popular and nobody expects you to have plenty of stories on it! What are you going to write about?
@maysun_hassanaly How's writing going?
@abadesi Turns out my first post was about a traveling guide aha. You can read it here :)
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@maysunhassanaly @maysun_hassanaly Nice job finishing it!
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