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Figure out the onboarding process for

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@maxim_leonovich Looks like an interesting project Maxim! How's the onboarding coming along? Feel free to ask if you want someone to test it out.
Thank you, @guillaumebardet! We're working on the onboarding, it's not easy, but we have a few ideas. The best onboarding is no onboarding at all, so we're basically trying to make our UI more intuitive :)
@guillaumebardet @maxim_leonovich Thats cool. I personally don't mind if a product walks me through some basic content at the start - prefer to know I'm aware of all the features and how to use them
Thanks for the input @abadesi ! It would be interesting to know the distribution of people who follow onboarding "walk-mes" vs those who just skip and hope to figure it out later. I probably belong to the second group, though I remember there were a few onboarding procedures that I followed.
@abadesi @maxim_leonovich Great point Abadesi, I'm the same way Maxim and I do recall going over a few of them. I really can't recall why, but I'd guess it was for more complex platforms. My favorites are the one which appears as you begin to use certain features. That's what I am hoping to do for Qlearly instead of what we have now.
@maxim_leonovich I think with Makers @ayrton and @syswarren observed the majority do complete the onboarding modal prompt, but it was a significant minority fraction that didn't.