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Matt Kandler@mattkandler · Founder, Happyfeed

👨‍🎨Design weekly review email - get user feedback

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@mattkandler Wanna share? Happy to give feedback
@syswarren definitely, what's a good way to share?
@mattkandler You can message me here (message link under the message) if you want this to be private :)
@syswarren here's a link to a rough mock up - some goals are to delight users, maybe dig up something they forgot, and (stretch goal) maybe incentive to share! Thanks for looking 👀
@mattkandler Looking great! One question: Will the 6/7 always be there or is it exceptional?
@syswarren Thanks! The app tracks streaks so it'll change for the number of days you completed. Hoping a 7/7 will keep people motivated! And if it's low (0 or 1) I'm thinking an email with habit advice or something might help?